Our Approach

We believe deploying capital to the companies and financial vehicles who are taking on social and environmental challenges is critical to transforming the world towards a better future for All.

The journey of aligning capital with values entails a learning process that starts by recognizing private capital as a tool for generating positive impact across a spectrum of asset classes that combine diverse financial returns, measurable impact and risk.

Despite the impact investing boom in recent years, we believe a great deal remains to be done to get major allocations of capital to fill the global financing gap in solving societal problems.

For this reason, it is imperative efforts be made toward nurturing the impact investing ecosystem with new actors, new strategies and new practices, which will not only mobilize more capital to the industry but also result in the impact investing going mainstream in the financial industry.

Furthermore, organizations taking philanthropic approaches must consider investing in impact as a way of pursuing their mission in a financially sustainable model.

At Fi we contribute to those efforts through:
At Fi we contribute to those efforts through:
At Fi we contribute to those efforts through:
At Fi we contribute to those efforts through:

Bringing onboard traditional investors (individuals and family offices, corporates, and foundations) in understanding the potential impact investing holds for aligning their financial and impact appetites.

Supporting current and prospective impact investors on their journey of learning and experiencing impact investing.

Connecting investors from developed countries like the European region with opportunities in emerging geographies such as Latin America and Africa.

Building a community where cross-learning processes take place across the types of investors, asset classes, geographies and sectors that enrich the impact investing industry.