inversión de impacto 4yfn

Impact investing, featured at 4YFN by Social Nest Foundation

· In order to both raise public awareness of the importance of impact investing and to present its main actors, the global platform for investors and entrepreneurs with social and environmental impact initiatives will be taking part in the 4YFN event for startups to be held as part of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

· Social Nest Foundation is also co-organizing, along with EAE Barcelona, 4YFN and the GSMA Innovation Fund, the Impact Awards, where five impact startups will get the opportunity to showcase their projects.

Madrid, February 5th, 2024. The widespread idea that it is incompatible for a startup to grow its business while simultaneously generating a positive impact on society is proving to be less and less true. Striking a balance between economic and social profitability is not only possible, it is in fact an increasing popular alternative globally and has become a launching pad for many companies. In fact, in 2023 impact investment grew by 58% in Spain alone, according to SpainNAB data.

But what does impact investing mean exactly? How can companies provide socio-environmental services without having to neglect growth and business development? How might investing and/or working with the initiatives of positive impact startups contribute to corporate business? Social Nest Foundation, the global platform for investors and entrepreneurs with social and environmental impact initiatives, will address these and other questions at 4YFN, the event for startups to be held as part of the Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, February 26 – 29).

Margarita Albors, CEO and founder of Social Nest Foundation, will actively participate at 4YFN on February 29 as moderator of the panel ‘Corporate Impact Investing: the emerging role of corporations in mobilizing capital for impact’. This panel will feature top impact investors discussing current events and major trends in this emerging practice. The main topics will be the challenges that investors in this field will have to face in the coming years, as well as an analysis of the current situation and the personal experiences of impact investing experts.

A second panel organized by Social Nest entitled ‘Investing in water: the next hot impact investment’ will explore key issues regarding impact investing in the water sector.

“It is important for investors, companies, startups, civil society entities and public administrations to work together to solve the challenges facing humanity. The good news is that creating economic, social and environmental value is not incompatible with this. Quite the contrary: by striking a balance of these three elements, ambitious sustainability and business results can indeed be achieved”, says Albors.

Those attending this 4YFN session will get to hear first-hand testimonials from the main actors and experts in impact investing, who will provide insight into a part of the economy where investing goes beyond just monetary gains to propel us forwards into a more promising and sustainable tomorrow.

In addition, Social Nest Foundation will, along with EAE, 4YFN and the GSMA Innovation Fund, co-organize the Impact Awards sponsored by Tech Barcelona, Nero Ventures, Zubi Capital and Venture Lab Switzerland. At this event, five finalist startups will get the opportunity to pitch their impact projects to the jury and the audience. Startups interested in participating in the awards have until February 9 to register at the following link. The winning startup of the Impact Awards will be announced on February 29 between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm at the Discovery Stage at 4YFN.

Lastly, Social Nest Foundation will be holding a networking event for investors and corporations on February 28 starting at 1:00 pm. With Zubi Group as co-host, this space will serve as a meeting point for anyone interested in making impact the focus of their investment in innovation and technology.

You can see the full agenda of the event here.